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Asalaamu Aleikum,

Welcome to our links page.  Below are offers and links to sites of interest or businesses that are owned or co-owned by Muslims in the local area, or ones that employ members of our community or support our group.  If you would like to list your favorite site, or your business or the business you work for please contact us.  We do not charge for this so take advantage of it!

The Grand Quran:
A work in progress Quran translation.  Click any English word for its dictionary meaning.  Add your name to the notify list for updates.

Coming Soon!  Click here to be notified when we go live.

ADAMS Center: The largest local Islamic center and very supportive of our group.  

Gift Box
: Use coupon code ISLAMCENTRAL and get 10% off any purchase anytime.

Design Elf: Designs and manages websites, e-commerce, logos and print ads.

Marrakech Farm
Sheep and goats for Eid and year round. 1/2 sheep & whole sheep available. Local delivery available. Mention ISLAMCENTRAL for discounts.
Call Mouly Idris at 703-628-1011 or click here.

American International University

Cordoba University
: For financial aid e-mail Carol.
Rust Library: The Rust Library has been very supportive of our group and we have regularly used their meeting room, free of charge, for our events.  
Ida Lee Community Center
United Globalnet Phone cards, calling cards, discount long distance
.  Trial accounts for only $2 and calls under 1 min FREE
No fees, surcharges or taxes.

Genuine Shariah Financing
Debt Free, Riba Free, Mortgage Free
Halal Incorporated

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